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QuestBusters: The Adventurers' Journal

Scans by the Museum of Computer Adventure Game History. From their description:

"Put out by Adventure gamer Shay Addams starting in the early eighties, it is amazing to just look at this thing over the years and see how it grew and changed (see pictures). Starting from a little 8-page flyer, it grew to an oversized 16-page monthly newsletter, with hundreds (thousands?) of readers. Hundreds of computer game hints, reviews and solutions appeared here throughout the years. These are a must-have for any computer game fan. Note the Quest for Clues series of books were all compiled from hints published in this journal. Below you will find every single issue of the newsletter. QuestBusters journal served as a place for adventurers to gather, exchange hints, and read reviews long before anything resembling the internet was in common use. It lasted ten long years and spawned nearly a dozen Questbusters hint books."


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